Terminal Park, Or Yehuda

Terminal Park, Or Yehuda

A mixed office, logistics and commercial project located in the Or Yehuda Industrial Zone, on Route 412 connecting Shapirim Junction and Or Yehuda-Yehud. The project is strategically located close to Ben Gurion Airport, Route 412, and another road that has been fully approved and will connect the project directly to Mesubim Junction.

The project was constructed on a 19,000 sq m plot of land and contains two office buildings with commercial spaces.

The project has an above-ground area of 50,000 sq m and underground parking and storage levels with an area of 34,000 sq m.

Phase A, consisting of 30,000 sq m of office space and 20,000 sq m of underground parking and storage levels, has been leased since 2011 to a variety of tenants, including National Roads, Leumit Health Care, Krief, MyHeritage, El-Al, Courier Networks, etc.

The ground floor includes logistics and production areas and laboratories, as well as a detached pavilion leased to an Arcaffe branch.

Phase B comprises an above-ground area of 20,000 sq m and 14,000 sq m of storage and parking spaces, Construction of this phase was completed in 2018, and it is leased to several well-known and established firms, such as the Gaon Group, Job Master, El-Al, Regus, Alon Tavor, MRC, etc.

Holdings: The company’s share in the project is 45%.

Credit to photographer Michael Tomarkin.